Do you love creating amazing videos and posting them online? Do you have a strong social media presence and love connecting with your followers? If you answered yes to these questions then OUR DOGS NEED YOU!

Numerous adult dogs at our shelter get overlooked because of their age and we need your help to get the word out about them on social media.

What does a Virtual Amabassar do, you ask? Well, you would be in charge of promoting an NMAR resident adult dog on your social media platforms to help get them adopted. Businesses are welcome to participate as this would make a great team-building activity!

Become an NMAR Virtual Ambassador in 3 Easy Steps

1. Choose an adult resident as your potential Virtual Ambassador dog.
2. Visit our shelter and get to know your dog. Snuggle, read, walk, teach them tricks, or go off on a fun outing. You can visit your dog as many times as needed until he or she gets adopted.
3. Create adorable content and harness the power of social media to help your dog get adopted. Make sure to use the following tags on your social media posts: #NMAR #NMARVirtualAmbassador

Once your dog has been adopted you (or your team) will have earned serious bragging rights, as well as warm fuzzy feels knowing you helped give a dog a second chance at life. Volunteers must be 18+ years old to become a Virtual Ambassador.

Simply select three dogs from the Adult Residents list below, fill out the form on this page, and we will be in touch!


If the first dog isn't available the alternate will be chosen.

Adult Dog Residents

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