A solution to your dog’s behavior problems!

Over the years NMAR has come to realize how incredibly important properly training your puppy or dog is. The initial money you spend will be recovered many times over. You will have less chewing and destruction, and time with your dog will be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Less headaches and on a larger scale, heartache. Starting out correctly is much easier than fixing problems later. Most “behavior” issues are preventable or correctable with proper action. We very strongly recommend working with a professional to get started. Each of the trainers below are people we have confidence in. They all have different approaches and we suggest you speak with each and decide which would work best for you and your dog.

Deb Knowles with Dog Haven had donated her time to us often over the last few years. She has many years experience and specializes in agility and rally. Even for those who don’t want to compete it’s a wonderful way to spend time with your dog and get you both some exercise. And remember A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG! You can contact her at 704-599-0571.

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