Surrendering a Pet

Surrendering a pet can be an emotional and upsetting experience. Oftentimes, a pet is surrendered because their owner thinks they don’t have any other options or is unaware of resources that can help them to keep their pet.

North Meck Animal Rescue has a Surrender Program that intakes healthy/treatable and friendly animals and places them for adoption. We strive to keep all our kennels full of adoptable animals at all times. The priority is to utilize space for Mecklenburg County animals in desperate need of loving forever homes. We regularly try to bring in dogs from Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control and other rural kill shelters, as well as, rescue homeless dogs.

If you have exhausted all other options to either keep your pet or re-home them yourselves, please email us at with the following information. This will not necessarily guarantee that we can accept your surrendered dog but it will help us determine if we are able to make room in our rescue for them.

Please email us the following:

  • A couple of clear pictures of the dog you are surrendering.
  • Their Name
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Temperament/Personality
  • Current Vet Records
  • Any Additional Information

Please consider finding your dog or cat another home instead of surrendering him to a shelter because it will be less stressful for your pet, allows you to play a part in uniting them with a new family, and makes additional space available for pets whose lives are at risk.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

North Meck currently is a dog-only rescue, if you are looking to surrender your feline companion, please visit The Humane Society of Charlotte’s website. They have a wonderful surrender program and re-homing program! The Humane Society of Charlotte’s iCare Program is a courtesy re-homing service that allows the owner to play an active role in re-homing their animal without having their animal enter into the shelter system. If that is something you’d like to consider, please visit their cat iCare Re-homing board for more information or email them at

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