Here's to the frosty faces, seasoned droolers, and world-class nappers! 

Why? Because they move a little slower than a few years ago or they need special medical care. In most cases, it's because they're not a cute little puppy anymore. In other cases, the guardian has died or simply can't care for them anymore. Sadly, 50% of senior dogs are euthanized in shelters and for a senior dog that is lucky enough not to be euthanized, their stay at a shelter is three times longer than dogs that are younger! It just breaks our hearts because these beautiful older dogs still have so much love and joy to offer and they deserve the very best in their golden years.

Unfortunately, most of the seniors that are dumped in shelters have not had good preventative vet care throughout their life and will need to play catch-up. The average medical cost for helping one senior dog is $1000. Medical care for seniors include blood-work panels, diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, heartworm treatment, dentals and surgeries. Your financial help will provide complete medical care and dental for these older dogs so they can have a second chance at a happy life.

This is why we've started Old Friends of NMAR. Our goal is the save 10 senior dogs and find them new, loving homes in 2022. Not only does NMAR want to save more senior dogs but we also hope more people will see the benefits in adopting an Old Friend. Senior dogs make wonderful pets and folks who adopt them understand the very special relationship they have with them.

By becoming a Senior Guardian, you will truly be saving a life!

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