Yesterday in an emergency situation we took in 7 pups to keep them from going to animal control. they are all incredibly sweet. One of these sweet pups is blind in one eye and will probably have to have a surgery to remove it. We could really use fosters for these pups !!!
This litter of 3 week old pups was left in front of a rural animal shelter in a box, before the shelter opened for the day. We were able to find fosters to nurture them until they were old enough to be adopted. They’re now all in wonderful homes.
This poor boy doesn’t have a name because I couldn’t think of one that was fitting of his story or short life. I am sure he never knew a moment of human kindness and his dying was a long, painful process full of unspeakable suffering. I only had him for an hour and a half, the amount of time it took to drive him to the emergency vet. Sadly even with our help and the vet office’s effort, we could not save him.
 In one day 3 weeks ago we took in 11 from Rutherfordton NC animal control to keep them from having to euthanize them.
Blossom is a senior Cocker Spaniel found just lying in a road one night. Though she is mostly blind and deaf, she was still such a sweet and happy girl. She was in fairly poor health with a horribly matted coat. A groomer shaved off 4 lbs of hair and mats. She had a surgery on 1 eye and was treated for an infection and serious dental issues. She is now living at her forever foster’s home enjoying the rest of her days with lots of love and happiness.
Here are pictures of many the pups and dogs we’ve taken in the last 30 days, some of which are already in loving homes.
 and finally… great news that the building is now open and that many of the dogs are there getting tons of attention, training and love to help them better transition into an adoptive home.

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