We have a new building!

We have some INCREDIBLE news to share. We have been working feverishly–and covertly– to find a building that met our needs back in Charlotte. It has been a long, and nail-biting, process to say the least! There were zoning changes that recently passed allowing this to be an option and Pepsi was kind enough to OK the change of use from building in Old Fort to buying in Charlotte so we could come back HOME!!!

And….WE HAVE CLOSED ON A BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is where we ask for help, but this time, it involves your professional skills and connections. Half of our Pepsi grant was used for the down payment on our building, leaving us with some money for renovations. But as all of you know, renovations are NOT cheap. We need to make that money go as far as possible. Professional services, at the market rate, can be VERY expensive, so here is our plea…

Can anyone work with us/give us a good deal in any of the following areas?

Electrician to fix damage done by vandals
Plumber to put in floor drains for dog runs
HVAC person to hook up a new unit
Help with fencing. In some areas we need to be able to put up 8′ fences.
Commercial ceiling work

This is such an amazing thing for the rescue and our dogs. So many of you have helped us by voting and giving donations or supplies. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING TO GET OUR DOGS THE KIND OF HOUSING THEY NEEDED.

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