Rhyan’s Birthday Wish

Adoption is the best option! No one knows this better than (almost) 6 year old Rhyan. Rhyan has been attending animal rescue events since before she was born. Literally. There has never been a question that she has inherited her family’s heart for rescue.

Rhyan has been an important part of North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue’s (NMAR) mission since her arrival home from the hospital. She has shared her home, her room, her toys and her time with foster dogs for as long as she can remember. Oftentimes, the first child encountered by an NMAR dog is Rhyan. Most of Rhyan’s weekends are filled with trips to the vet, adoption events and fundraisers.  Just another day in the life of a rescue kid.

On “Career Day” in kindergarten, when all of the students dressed up as the doctors and lawyers and mechanics and military personnel that they hoped to one day be, Rhyan came dressed as an Animal Rescuer. Rescue is her heart and soul.

Working with animals is often fun and rewarding, but Rhyan can tell you, it’s difficult too. Sometimes animals are hurting, afraid or seriously ill. She has seen some upsetting things. Through the good and bad, Rhyan’s deep love of pets continues to grow and shine . 

Now as her 6th birthday approaches, her devotion and amazing compassion for animals has become even more evident. Rhyan as asked that, instead of presents, her friends and family make donations to North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue. Yep! An almost 6 year old is giving up her gifts so that more dogs can be saved. 


In honor of Rhyan’s selflessness, would you consider donating to NMAR as a part of a special little girl’s birthday celebration? And if you can make it, we’d love for you, your family, friends and pets to come wish Rhyan a happy birthday at her party. We will be celebrating June 28th from 10-12 at Midwood Park and would love for you to stop by. We may let her get away with asking for no presents, but there is no way we’re letting this compassionate little girl miss out on a wonderful birthday party! Let’s show this wonderful little girl the magic of community and help her raise more than she ever dreamed possible!


Please view the invite and RSVP here :



Can’t come to the party? You can still help Rhyan reach her goal by going to www.northmeckanimalrescue.org to make a donation. Please leave a note that it is for Rhyan’s birthday. Please also help Rhyan spread her wish by sharing! 

If you would like to send Rhyan a birthday card or a donation, they can be sent to:


c/o North Meck Animal Rescue

P.O. Box 241 

Harrisburg, NC 28075


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