Famous NMAR Rescue Story Becomes The Subject of a Children’s Book!

A children’s book about NMAR’s very own Ambassadog has been published!!!!  Written by our long-time volunteer (a.k.a. Gunny’s foster mom turned adopted mom) this book is geared towards children in or around the 4th grade.  Gunny’s strong presence in a local elementary school, and huge impact on the lives of the kids he met, led to this effort to reach more kids than Gunny could ever possibly meet in person.

Please check it out and share the provided (official) link in any way you can.  Maybe you could consider ordering a copy for your local elementary school library or public library?  ***Please note:  although you may be able to find this book on other sites, using the official link gets the most money to Gunny and his rescued Pack members, as opposed to third party websites.

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