Love is Ageless For a Senior Dog



Pork Chop

Pork Chop


Sonny is old. 17 to be exact.  He looks like a slightly tattered stuffed animal.  He has one fairly good eye, his hearing is iffy at best, his hind legs are slightly askew, his coat a bit worn from years of being passed around by people and many of his teeth are missing.  He spends most of his day snoozing on his dog bed not far from my desk.  His favorite time of day?  Mealtime!  I love seeing him happy and content.  For most old dogs, the past is the past, and now it’s all OK.

Pork Chop is an 80-pound lap dog.  He is old too, but he’s only 10ish.  Pork Chop is the friendliest goofball you’ll ever meet.  He is constantly smiling and his eyes light up whenever he sees you.  What Pork Chop wants most is to be where ever you are, preferably on the couch.  After all, who wouldn’t want 80 pounds of pork in your lap?  His greying muzzle, cloudy eyes and creaky joints aren’t just signs of age, they’re symbols of years of love and loyalty.

Chloe is a gem.  She still loves to have fun, but instead of going for hour-long walks or chasing a ball, she is happy to revel in the simple pleasures of taking it easy.  She’s a perfect 10. (years old)  Chloe is easy to please and she is grateful for any attention she receives.

There are so many wonderful things about old dogs. Most older dogs just want to know four things: Where’s the couch, where’s the yard, where’s the water bowl, and when do we eat?

“I may not always hear when you call my name. And sometimes I miss the ball on an easy toss. But the love for you that shines in my eyes will never, ever grow old.” – A Senior Dog

We are looking for special homes for these seniors where they will get lots of love and attention and can live out their golden years.  Sonny, Pork Chop, and Chloe just lost their home due to their person losing the battle with depression.

Our dear friend Barry was a huge animal advocate and helped thousands of dogs. You see, Barry was the person who would bring home the unadoptable dogs, the ones that were going to be euthanized due to medical needs or behavioral issues and the old ones. Yes, at times it was inconvenient, but kindness and compassion overruled anything else that was going on. We miss him dearly and the best way to honor him is to help is dogs.

If you are interested in adopting one of these special dogs, please go to our website and fill out an application.  If you have adopted from us before, please send us an email.


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