Bella’s Story

Hi Friends!

As a rescue, we are always facing new emergencies. Today, we are asking for your help to raise $8,500 to pay medical bills so that we can continue helping more homeless dogs. At North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue, we are changing the lives of dogs like Bella, who was living in crisis and in need of urgent medical care. Please read Bella’s story and donate and help us carry on our mission to end pet abandonment, abuse and neglect. It breaks our hearts to see dogs living in horrific situations, but it tears us apart even more when we can’t rescue more dogs because our financial resources are low.

Bella chained up, in a dirt lot filled with trash, boards with nails sticking out, and no shelter from the elements. When we arrived, her puppies were hiding under an old HVAC unit. Sweet Bella was deprived of food and care, leaving her unable to properly care for her beautiful puppies. Sadly, they didn’t all survive. Despite the terrible conditions, with medical care and some TLC, the pups that did make it are on the road to recovery. After multiple years of having litters of puppies and neglect, Bella will need more vet care along with love and support to become healthy again.

By making a generous gift we can continue to help pups like Bella and the many others that need us. Each and every one of their lives is worth saving.

THANK YOU, from all of us at North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue!
Beth, Cate and Samantha

P.S. Share with your friends and help us reach our goal of $8,500!!

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