Give the Gift of Health!

Our medical fund is drained! Please give below to help our North Meck dogs.  Your donation will go directly to Poppy and 9 other dogs in need of medical treatment.

Some of you may recognize Poppy from our website or from our Spring Newsletter. Poppy is a sweet 6 year old dachshund, who never saw a vet until coming to North Meck only one short week ago. Poppy, like eight other dogs in our rescue, is heartworm positive.  Usually, we wait to treat our heartworm positive dogs until they are settled into their forever home, as heartworm treatment leaves the dog on 60 days crate rest.

We are finding that it is harder and harder for these dogs to be adopted with their heartworm positive status. Due to this sad fact, we are treating our heartworm positive dogs while they are in our shelter in hopes that this will help them find their forever homes.  Heartworm treatment does not only consist of painful injections and exhausting crate rest but it is also very expensive- and that’s just for one dog! With nine dogs in need of treatment, we need your help!

With your donation, we can pay our tremendous vet bill and help our dogs get the treatment they need so they can finally find the forever home they so desperately deserve.

Meet our dogs in need of Heartworm Treatment!




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