After losing my sweet dog, Bailey, in February, my sorrow was so deep and profound. I thought I would never stop mourning his loss. Bailey meant the world to me! I could not stop crying because I missed him so much.

I thought fostering a dog would help my grief so I went on the NMAR website and read RJ’s story. RJ was surrendered after his family could no longer keep him. He was a inside dog who was loved and had lost his family. He cried and mourned the loss of his family on a regular basis. RJ was devastated after being surrendered. NMAR was anxious to get RJ into a foster home or adopted.

I thought RJ and I might be able to help each other get through our tough times together until he found his forever home since I knew I wasn’t quite ready to make a permanent commitment.

After receiving the good news that RJ would be our new foster dog, he arrived at our home excited and happy to be there. And there is where the sadness ended, and all of our happiness began. Within in a few days, he learned our routine and blended seamlessly into our family. Tears were replaced with laughter again; the emptiness was filled with new activities and fun times! RJ was not going anywhere because he WAS home! Both our sadness disappeared and we were ready to start our new journey together. He is an amazing companion who has many qualities and characteristics similar to Bailey. I am certain Bailey played a part in getting RJ to us; so that we could all be happy again!

Thank you, NMAR, for all that you do! We will forever be thankful for our wonderful gift of RJ!!

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