LolaLola was adopted from NMAR in August of 2008 (she was “Domino” when we got her)
Her and her brothers and sisters had been brought to the shelter because her mother, who had been adopted out earlier was never spayed and became pregnant with a neighborhood dog. (daisy) Out of all the dogs in the litter, Lola was the crazy one, running around with her brother and pouncing all over people. Lola has brought more joy to our lives than we could ever have imagined. My boyfriend Tim and I picked her out and she has been with us through building a new house our engagement and in a few months- our wedding. Lola is the most loving dog in the world, she has never met a stranger. When she is not running around with a toy in her mouth, she loves nothing more than to cuddle up to Tim or myself.


Thank you NMAR for the wonderful addition to our family- she is the love of our lives~! – Colleen and Tim

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