I am not sure if you remember Caleb, he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Feb of 2010. I adopted him on the 12th of Feb and I have long wanted to say “Thank you” and to let you know how he is doing.
He is 23# and healthy and happy. We are a hiking/walking pair and both love trampling through the woods. Over Thanksgiving week we went to the mountains to hike and Caleb was undaunted by the new environment, happy to trot along with me over and under obstacles, through rain and wind. I took your advice to heart and he is well socialized. His best friend is an 100# golden retriever and they get together for playdates a couple of times during the week. We have started to work with a dog trainer as the “come” command often takes second place to whatever exciting new smell, squirrel, bird, or leaf falling from tree might be happening around him. He is very smart (of course!) and is taking to his lessons well.
I had two cats when I got Caleb and after a few months of stand off they are warming up to each other. Although I don’t think my older, alpha cat is ever going to love Caleb, she seems resigned to sharing her space with him. I was thrilled a few days ago to find Caleb and the younger cat curled together napping.
I have attached some photos which I hope you enjoy. Please know that he has changed my life, however corny that may sound. Caleb and I both thank you so much for rescuing him. And now that it is the holiday season, I wanted you to know that your gift to me has far exceeded my expectations of what being a dog owner would be (he is my first dog – ever!).

Happy Holidays,
Amy Felder

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