I adopted Brewer (formally known as Kody) on Monday, April 12, 2010. I had been dreaming of a lab-like dog with these gorgeous black and tan markings for a long time. One day I opened my NMAR newsletter, and there was the most beautiful litter of puppies featured right at the top! I wasn’t able to adopt him until I got my house 2 months later, but he was still there and became all mine! Brewer has been 100% fantastic since day one. He is so loving and seems to be very thankful that he was saved and in such a loving home. I’ve had 2 pure bred dogs before (a golden and a lab) and as puppies, they were absolute terrors. Chewing on everything, hyper, you name it. Brewer is so calm that everyone thinks he’s a few years old. But he’s only 6 months old! He loves to play and already has 3 best dog friends that he sees regularly for play dates.

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