BillWe adopted Bill (part Chocolate Lab part Pit bull) from NMAR last winter. He had a very shy disposition and not many people found him as desirable. Let me tell you…I cannot live without this boy! He’s been my right hand man and is the BEST cuddler ever. He’s usually very polite, but has his cute puppy side. (He wiggles his whole body instead of his tail.) Trevor (Pit Bull) waltzed into our lives shortly after and NMAR helped me SO much with this boy. He wasn’t neutered, current on his shots and had been neglected. Trevor was a blessing in disguise because he brought a lot of personality out Bill. They are the funniest dogs ever to watch. They’re like 2 little five year olds together. NMAR has done so much for us….It is such an great organization. I can only hope that more people recognize this and donate!!! :0)

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