Dylan is a 4 year old Daschund. We were thrilled to see him arrive, as he is an absolute doll. Despite his experience with apathetic humans, he is a happy and friendly little guy, and has gotten along wonderfully with all the other dogs he has met. Aside from the prednisone and a quiet, well-ventilated lifestyle, Dylan won’t need any extra special care.

As with all of our dogs, he is on heartworm prevention (Dylan is heartworm negative), is up to date on shots, is neutered and microchipped.

Dylan is in major need of a Guardian Angel, be it in the form of a Forever Home or a Foster Home. He’s currently struggling with a lung infection that was most likely caused by either a) a treatable but ignored infection that has become chronic or b) extensive exposure to immense amounts of second-hand smoke without any source of relief. The vets have put him on antibiotics, as well as Prednisone to ease his cough.

Dylan’s lungs absolutely CANNOT be exposed to anymore cigarette smoke, so we are in search of a house where no indoor smoking is done by its residents. Dylan needs to live a quiet life, and will not tolerate much exercise. He would be perfect for someone who wants a movie-watching partner or a furry lap pillow to lean on while reading.

NMAR Adoptions

If you can’t adopt maybe you would like to Foster-A-Dog!

NMAR supports its foster homes by providing food and supplies, as well as vet care. If you aren’t able to adopt at this time, please consider fostering Dylan so that he can finally get some air-conditioned relief. To us, air conditioning may be commonplace, but to Dylan it will open up a whole new life.

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